“Cocoon Compilation R (cd)”

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The R Compilation on CD! Tracklisting: CD / LP 1. (A) Lusine - Parallel 2. (B) Isolée - Yes let 3. © Mano Le Tough - Vanishing Landscapes 4. (D) International Anything - The Future is Here 5. (E) Eduardo De La Calle - Caravaca’s Distortion Theory 6. (F) Inigo Kennedy - Black Light 7. (G) Ambivalent & Alden Tyrell - War Island 8. (H) Pig&Dan - Shattered Minds 9. (I) ROD - Abel 10. (J) Ingo Boss - Junghof Love Star 11. (K) John Heckle - Fantasy 12. (L) Cristi Cons - Bird in Space - Vinyl Box-Set limited to 500 copies + includes the Compilation on CD - Cocoon Recordings presents: R! Techno in 2018 and Cocoon Recordings in 2018: What on earth is left when everything has already been said, done, produced, sampled and triggered, then revisited and re-imagined once again for good measure - and all that, knowing full well the wheel can’t actually be reinvented… but hang on a second, isn’t that exactly the point? Isn’t that the real core of this music? It just keeps on turning like a great, infinite wheel! The revolution in sound, that magical moment at the very beginning is now, admittedly, a distant memory. To this day however, the origins of the movement reappear time and again as stylistic features in current productions. The uncompromising, distorted rhythms of Detroit, the euphoria of UK Acid House and the subsequent “Second Summer of Love” or the magical “Bring Down The Walls” vibe of Germany’s post-reunification years which still shapes the Berlin scene today, not forgetting of course, the Hessian excess of the Techno-freaks from Frankfurt…. all this has very little to do with contemporary Techno. The meaningful element of this music, the true core of quality techno lies in itself, not in what once was or where it came from. That’s exactly why this music still works, even for those who have been on the bus from day one. In the meantime, the wheel has turned so far that every conceivable genre has been defined an

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