Mike Steva

“Birds Of Paradise”

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Cat. No.YSD90
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Yoruba Records welcomes back label favourite Mike Steva with a well-balanced and forward thinking EP that both engages and pushes boundaries. Opening up with ‘Love Symphonik’, this stutter-stepped jam practically drips with MPC flavour. Up next, ‘The Message’; a bold proclamation with more straight forward percussion. With added Balkan flavour this one is as deep as they come. This is followed with ‘Sila’ where Steva’s chops are on full display. This engaging and well-constructed groove conjures of feelings of celebration, one that’s easy to imagine taking place in the streets of Macedonia. We close with ‘Zensko Oro’, a deep and moody percussive-led jam. This one speaks of movement, slowly building on itself and reaching a natural climax that enhances and delights the senses of the astute listener. Sit back, relax and enjoy this soon-to-be essential piece of the Yoruba Records canon.

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