Shlomi Aber


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LabelFigureCat. No.FIGURE98
FormatEXCL12"POrders fromFri, 13 Jul 2018
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12″ with full cover TRACKLIST: A1 - Whistler A2 - Common Dominator B1 - Penetrate The System B2 - Penetrate The System (Spaced Tool) B3 - User INFO: Coming back for another round after his first EP for Figure last summer, Shlomi Aber continues to explore different avenues of his multi-faceted sound, tying it all up in a nicely rounded package. Setting the pace is driving opening track Whistler, the producer showcasing his ability to craft something big but undoubtedly refined. He then lets old school drums cruise along gentle sways of washed out ambience, giving the deep heads something to really get into… Back with more techno on the B-side, this time in true Figure-style: lean, sharp, and utterly effective Penetrate The System is sure to leave its mark and comes complete with an extended, separate intro, making for quite an experience. Staying atmospheric to the end, Aber chooses to step out in half-time, taking cues from dubstep as hollowed kicks carve out an endless tunnel that leads only ever deeper down the rabbit hole.

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