Maurice Aymard

“Into The Night (eduardo De La Calle Rmx)”

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Anyone whoís followed Maurice Aymardís Galaktika label over the years will be all too aware of the imprintís leaning toward eclectic sounds. Itís an ethos that mirrored in the work of Aymard himself and regardless of whether heís turning his hand to tech house sounds or more straight-up techno jams, his is a way of working thatís endeared him to many over the years. His latest is a case in point. The 75th chapter in the Galaktika discography, the Into the Night EP serves up an array of sounds that are enticing as they are upbeat and intriguing. Getting us underway is the sounds of the title track. An unfurling beast of a track thatís loaded with dramatic tension throughout, itís an eerie cut thatís characterised by its clever bells and some incessant percussion. A full on track thatís not to be handled lightly, itís repetitive nature and sporadic vocal charms is indicative of Levon Vincent at his best. ĎShinningí, a more progressive cut, follows after. Another track thatís notable for the suspense that lingers throughout, it serves up a nice stylistic alternative to whatís arrived before. Aymard then goes all out on the frankly astounding sounds of ĎRageí. A propulsive gem of the type that sees the producer greatly rewarded for trying something that bit different, itís a special sort of track that takes on various tones throughout but always stays captivating. Seeing us out soon after is Eduardo de la Calleís remix of the latter. The Cadenza man is well versed in all things deep and dextrous, and his interpretation serves up a fitting example of his talents. Although it starts on a melodic tip, it too soon brings the listener on a thoroughly captivating but unexpected journey. Much like the rest of this EP, De la Calleís remix is full of surprises from the off.

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