“Substance Select Vol.1”

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Reigniting the long-standing creative partnership between Greg Wilson and Kermit Leveridge, Super Weird Substance was formed in 2014 on the back of their inspired collaboration on the ‘Blind Arcade Meets Super Weird Substance In The Morphogenetic Field’ mixtape. A1) Written by Greg WIlson, ‘Summer Came My Way’ saw him collaborate with vocal force of nature, The Reynolds; twin sisters from the Wirral with a highly astute singing style and uncanny synergy. Having come into Greg’s orbit with a series of luscious, dubby edits, Luxxury was approached to do a mix of the track for SWS’ first vinyl release and it’s since taken on a life of its own. Unavailable on vinyl for a couple of years, a reissue felt well overdue. A2) A project of countercultural connector David Bramwell, Oddfellow’s Casino is an outlet for his song writing, which draws from psychegeography, mysticism and leftfield folklore. David Bramwell contacted Greg about a remix of the track and Greg obliged with an ethereal, vocoder driven take that he worked on alongside studio partner, Peza. Following support from DJ Harvey, the track hasn’t seen an official release until now. AA1) A visceral disco funk jam that immediately grabs you by the groove, The Super Weird Society’s ‘Gone With The Vibe’ built its momentum on the road in 2017 with Greg regularly featuring it at clubs and in festivals. The Super Weird Society include; Kermit Leveridge, The Reverend Cleve Freckleton and The Reynolds - an amalgamation of the label’s key vocalists. Co-writer Henry Greenwood extends the mix. AA2) The diversity of sound and nuanced vocal ability of The Reynolds has been instrumental to the label’s sound since its formation, just as adept in the fore, as they are backing other vocalists. Mixed by Greg Wilson and Peza, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ is another Harvey pick, and has garnered support from legendary DJ Colin Curtis, who championed the Besse Banks original, has provided a number of spine tingling moments in clubs an

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