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Tracklist: Tracklist: (A1) Equity (B1) Immunised Release Info: Rico Puestel is a phenomenon and currently one of the best artists around when it comes to solid, discerning techno. That’s techno that takes no detours, doesn’t hide behind vocal samples or need unnecessary, pseudo-intelligent tinkering to get the listeners’ attention. Puestel’s two current Cocoon contributions “Equity” and “Immunised” are strongly reminiscent of “Caravel", which he also released on Cocoon Recordings almost exactly a year ago. The mini breaks and prolonged dramatic pauses are all pieces in the puzzle of Puestel’s arrangement and together with the hypnotic beats and constantly radiating synths and effects, they make up his own interpretation of techno sound. It buzzes, it shines and with the right PA it’s exactly the type of vibe that help us forget the daily grind of dance music madness! That ubiquitous “Let The Bass Kick” sample hasn’t felt so at home for a long time!

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