Smith & Mighty

“Ashley Road Sessions 88-94”

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LabelTectonic Recordings/ Punch Drunk RecordsCat. No.SMLP30
FormatEXCLS2LPOrders fromMon, 01 Oct 2018
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* “Though most people will think of Massive Attack, Portishead or even Roni Size when asked about Bristol’s influence on UK music in the late 80s and 90s, really none of them have had anywhere near as much of an impact as Smith & Mighty. With a hand in the development of jungle, dubstep and the particular of-Bristol-ness that so defined the aforementioned artists, their influence is comparable to that of the city itself.” Crack * “Smith & Mighty are producers and originators. From 1985 onwards they took lovers rock, mixed it with heavier modern beats and came up with a new sound. All you needed was the drums, the voice and that spatial dub awareness to create something special.” Test Pressing * Celebrating 30 years since their first release, on November 9th foundation laying forefathers Smith & Mighty release ‘Ashley Road Sessions’. This special one-off double label partnership between Pinch’s Tectonic and Peverelist’s Punch Drunk is an endeavour in homage to their Bristol neighbours, whom they both hold in high regard. * “Smith & Mighty are true pioneers in music whom I’ve found deeply inspirational on many levels. Tracks like ‘Closer’, ‘U Dub’ and ‘Same’ are some of my all-time favourites. To be putting out these unreleased gems is such an exciting project for both me and Tom. We both took a great deal of influence from Smith & Mighty - especially from ‘Bass Is Maternal’ - the album and era from which most of this compilation’s source material originates.” Pinch * It’s irrefutable and well documented that Smith & Mighty are integral to the story of Bristol music, but the duo (and occasional trio) are accountable not only as key proponents of that local sound, but also for propagating the wider array of much urban and electronic music, to this day. Despite being inextricably linked to the South West England sound, ‘Ashley Road Sessions’ proffers an array of styles, the breadth and spectrum of which might surprise. Breakbeat, hardcore, balearica and acid house

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