Maayan Nidam

“Sea Of Thee”

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Tracklisting: A1 DUST AND DIRT A2 DIE SONNE INNERE B1 ACID KISS B2 IN A LAIR OF MY OTHER C1 OCTAFACE C2 KÖNIGIN VON SABA D1 FOREVER PRESENT D2 NEWS FROM EAST Info: Get ready and prepared for a very exclusive visit: Maayan Nidam welcomes you to the inauguration of a place that feels exactly like you want it to be, in every moment, with every movement, it just adapts to your preferences. Her sonic realm is an elastic and exotic wonderland, full of cozy challenges for feverish dancers, acrobat time travellers, shady lounges and lovers of small, clandestine gestures. It is a realm with many different angles and a wide perspective that opens the zone so one can marvel at its arcane resonance. Lost in space and time, sounds from far away come together before your very inner eye to caress each other like they have never met before but ever belonged together. They form up to tonal episodes that tell stories of sublime darkness, sneaky affection, mystery and magic, dream destinations, and the wisdom of sound. They provoke the awakening of a drama that takes twists and turns to express all facets of sweetness and danger. Falling into a void of pleasure, the mindset feels soft and warm and thick like a forgotten layer of your favourite, padded memory. Time to feel comfortable and alert. Welcome to Maayan Nidam’s realm of Tech Blues Noir.

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