“Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks”

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Minimalism and monotony but always fascinating, the Basic Channel sound moves every fan of futuristic music. No understanding of Berlin techno can forgo this revelatory music. This treatment from Scion draws out these beloved sounds, laying down an extended mix that strikes from the core of Tresor’s unmistakeable identity. TRACKLIST 1 Pt. 01 w/ material from Cyrus - Inversion, The Climax (Basic Reshape), Mutism, Radiance III 2 Pt. 02 w/ material from Cyrus - Presence, Q1.2, e2e4 (Basic Reshape), Radiance I, Quadrant - Infinition 3 Pt. 03 w/ material from Quadrant - Infinition, Rhythm & Sound - Music A Fe Rule (Pt. 2), Octaedre, Octagon 4 Pt. 04 w/ material from Octagon, Phylyps Trak II/I, Q1.1/IIII 5 Pt. 05 w/ material from Phylyps Trak II/I, Q Loop 6 Pt. 06 w/ material from Phylyps Trak, Phylyps Rmx, Cyrus - Enforcement 7 Pt. 07 w/ material from Cyrus - Enforcement, Phylyps Trak II/II 8 Pt. 08 w/ material from Phylyps Trak II/II, The Climax (Basic Reshape) 9 Pt. 09 w/ material from The Climax (Basic Reshape), Octagon, Cyrus - Recall

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