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Special remarks : 12” Vinyl, 180 Gram, Handmade Screen-Printed PVC Sleeves & Insert Card Tracklist Album: A1. North Star ISRC: DE-FG5-18-00106 A2. Fugacity ISRC: DE-FG5-18-00107 B1. Lyra Pi ISRC: DE-FG5-18-00108 B2. Pulses ISRC: DE-FG5-18-00109 B3. Photons ISRC: DE-FG5-18-00110 Info: Lyra Pi from DeWalta is a longplayer with 5 synthesizer and score-like modern ambient works that mark the first release of a new series by Meander. The Meander Horizon Pi Series is a departure from the labels well known dancefloor releases. This record is also the second part of the complementary Lyra album-project. The full album contains a double LP (Lyra) on Meander as well as this Lyra Pi LP. The 180 gram vinyl record comes in a special package, containing a handmade see-through screen-printed PVC sleeve, plus an insert card with artwork. Combined with the separately available Lyra double LP customers can create a 3LP box set. Lyra is a star-constellation in the northern hemisphere which is highest in the midnight sky in the early summer months. It contains one of the brightest stars in the sky - Vega. Many of the songs on this album were produced during these warm and gentle months during an inspirational creative time in Portugal. In Greek mythology, Lyra represents the Lyre of Orpheus, Apollo’s son. Made by Hermes from a tortoise-shell, it was given to Apollo who then passed it along to Orpheus. It is said to be the first music instrument ever made.

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