Jor-el, Imugen Orihasam, Benjamin Brunn

“Tactics Vol.4”

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Late November will see Tact Recordings vinyl only sub-label Tactics return with ‘Vol.4′, a various artists package featuring Jor-El aka Joel Alter, Imugem Orihasam and Benjamin Brunn. Tactics was launched in late 2017 by co-founders of the imprint Yard One with their ‘Vol.2′ EP, following on from the ‘Vol.1′ various artists EP released on the main imprint Tact Recordings back in 2012. Since its inception last year and itís two releases so far from founders Yard One and Fletcher, the label has garnered the attention of DJís like Varhat, Roger Gerressen, Raresh, Malin Genie and Andrey Pushkarev to name a few. Here though we see the imprint welcome some of itís favourite artists from over the year onto the roster, namely Echocord artist Jor-El aka Joel Alter, Ilian Tapeís Imumgem Orihasam and Smallville regular Benjamin Brunn. Leading on the package is Swedenís Jor-El with ‘Remember Tomorrow’, a gritty dance floor workout fuelled by dusty drums, fluttering stab sequences and sweeping synth strings before Japanese producer Imugem Orihasam edges into dub territory with a cinematic two minute soundscape opening the composition before weighty drums, swirling pads and dubbed out metallic chimes dynamically unfold throughout.Hamburgís Benjamin Brunn then closes the package with ‘ResoPlanet’, as always delivering smooth, understated electronic music via wandering ethereal pads, resonant bleeps and bumpy, off-kilter 808 drums.

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