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He may have been making records since the mid 1990s, but DJ Bone has never been in such a rich vein of form. For proof, check out “Beyond", his follow-up to “A Piece of Beyond” and the second part of a trilogy that will conclude in early 2019. Opening with the gleeful Motor City sci-fi futurism of “Dreamers 7″, the expansive triple-vinyl set sees the Detroit veteran flit between wonky dancefloor hypnotism ("Multiples of Self"), foreboding late night rumblers ("In The Deep", “With A Vengeance"), starry, beat-free soundscapes ("Techno Ain’t Techno"), intergalactic bliss ("Ahhh Life") and carnival rollers rich in layered pots-and-pans percussion ("Bound To Move", “Rosedale Park"). It’s another stellar set from a producer who’s finally getting his dues.

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