Robert Hood

“Internal Empire”

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The ongoing importance of this album is indisputable, essential both to techno and to Tresor. It is a history intertwined. This work elevates its maker as master, and remain a cherished moment in the Tresor story, sharing an irrefutable singular magic, sounding as present and indispensable as when first created. To understand this work fully is to stand back and celebrate its impact. Originally released in 1994, ‘Internal Empire’ marks a point of transition for Robert Hood moving on from his previous collaborations within Underground Resistance. Robert Hood advanced uncovering the power of true minimalism. Deep soul through a simplicity that showed how much could be done with so little. The devastating rhythms of this album forge the unmatched spirit of this sound, influencing generations to come. Tresor.27 is re-mastered and re-cut, releasing February 1st, 2019, on CD and 180g. 2LP vinyl. TRACKLIST CD: 1. Intro 2. Master Builder 3. Parade 4. Within 5. Minus 6. Internal Empire 7. Home 8. Multiple Silence 9. Spirit Levels 10. The Core 11. Chase

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