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“India Gets Physical Vol. 1”

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Tracklist CD 01. Soulspace - Lotus Eater (Original Mix) 02. Pawas - Naja ft. Arooj Aftab 03. Unnayanaa - Plus Loin ft. Erika Lernot 04. Small Town Guy - Oasis ft. Adil Smaali 05. Hamza – Morchang 06. Troja – Sutra 07. Low Volume – Sharaabi 08. Arnold From Mumbai – Roots 09. Kone Kone - Come Closer 10. Todh Teri - Sampadan 1 (Dub) 11. Murthovic - In The Flesh 12. MALFNKTION, MadStarBase - Chameleon Infotext India. An ancient land of abundant spices, colourful languages, vibrant cultures, infinite beliefs & ever-shifting terrains. This 5000-year-old society was one of the earliest in the world to philosophise & document the natural relationship between music & human spirituality. And through the decades of the recent past, modern India has been interestingly unique (and highly accommodative) to contemporary & global electronic dance music. This, in turn, has developed into fertile soil for local DJs and producers, to thrive & bloom across the motherland. From India’s capital (New Delhi) to its major cities (Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore) & emerging cities (Hyderabad, Pune, Pondicherry) - all shades of contemporary house and techno are now being accepted as the popular pulse for their nights. It’s fascinating how this fairly recent ‘western’ phenomenon has now deeply woven itself into India’s ‘eastern’ culture & rich musical tapestry. But then again, electronic music could never be ‘claimed’ by any particular country or continent. Since time immemorial, its spirit & appeal has transcended all lands & their boundaries. Each new track release in the physical world is a soulful expression in the spirit realm - blooming out from the hidden recesses of highly talented music producers. They are true ‘artists’ - buried waist deep in their art & craft - on laptops & studios scattered all across planet Earth. When you are enjoying mega festivals with your special gang of friends or while listening to your favourite podcast on your daily commute to work - music lo

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