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London based ANII returns home to KOMPAKT following a breakthrough year. Since the release of her KORZENIE EP (KOM 380) then releases on AEON AUDIO and POLYMATH she continues to bring a unique and highly emotive take on techno and house music to a sound that has become more and more mundane over recent times. She’s back with ANIITIME - a diverse, three track EP that starts with RIDE THE TIGER. It made us squeal with glee when we first heard it. Is this an inadvertent tribute to the Warp classic, SWEET EXORCIST or just some jungle voodoo magic? Listen to it for yourself! The title track sees her going deep into her emotional treasure chest to produce a violin meets acid (it works – we swear!) techno incarnation. Her third offering is the solid, house riddled GALAXIANII. Move over Boney M - ANII is our new captain who takes us on her latest night flight to…

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