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Track listing 1LP: A1. Intro / Japan A2. A Feeling A3. Do U Want It A4. Be The Girl U Loved A5. I Don’t Wanna Dance B1. Love Is A Lie B2. Athens To Berlin B3. To My Mother B4. Love Is A Lie (Slow Remix) Info: When you are a little girl and the huge present placed in front you turns out to be a piano, the possible reactions are 3. A) Terror, clearly. You start screaming in a mixture of fear and disappointment for the present. A doll, maybe two or even 50 of them would be a cheaper and more practical solution. B) You ignore it. You give it the cold shoulder, hurting and surprising the ‘Magi with the Piano’ in the room. C) You get excited and start playing with it 24/7. If it’s in your blood, you become a musician. With not much thought. This way you ‘ll turn the givers to Prophets for sure.Helen Papalitsa or Lou, belongs to the 3rd category. A piano ‘fell’ suddenly in front of her, while at a tender age. She turned it into furniture, she turned it into a safety valve for her anger and her overflowing energy. In the end this became her favourite playground. Of course, this could only be a give and take relationship. The piano bewitched the little girl, so together they ‘ve spend years and years studying and practicing. From Athens to Corfu, from Corfu to Helsinki, from soul to jazz and then into the magic world of electronic sound. A long journey for a young and determined to succeed girl. The result curries her name, ‘’Lou’’. Her debut album that describes her way to adult life while struggling to retain the excitement and naivety that describe her. Each track, one (at least) of the intense sentimental situations that she had to face during the last 2 years. Her return to Athens and her new beginning. True love, fake love, small ‘’revolutions’’. Thoughts on paper converted into sounds, often while being in her room, or inside the studio of the infamous Lefteris Kalabakas. Lou chooses to speak through a pop version of electronic mus

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