“El Rey Alobar (1cd)”

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Tracklisting 1CD: 01. Nordfold & Bremer - Yano (Sam Goku Remix) 02. Simon Vuarambon - Ethiopian 03. Luca Musto feat Louve - Situations 04. Ivan Garci - Sunset Melodies 05. Savvas - Mystical Tales 06. Aris Kokou - Aeonian (Original Mix) 07. Bona Fide, PHCK – (Magnolia Savvas remix) 08. GHIZ - Childhoods End 09. Erdi Irmak - Where Are You 10. Glass Coffee - Disclosures (Coyote Uber Rmx) 11. Anadel - In The Water (Holy Deep Remix) Release Info: Welcome to our world. El Rey Alobar follows its heart, just like the legendary king. Chooses to be different and unique, in a flat world defined by the majority. El Rey Alobar follows its senses, Just like every free spirit. Chooses to appear as a distinctive musical scent, so special, made in such a way that you ‘ll always have the urge to come back. El Rey Alobar follows life. Just like every unique human being. Chooses to dive into the magic world of blends, spices and elixirs, enjoying mysterious, delicious and thirst-quenching cocktails. El Rey Alobar is a compilation crafted with exceptional music and tones of love. Nomad sounds blending with the warmth and passion that deep house and electronica have to offer, creating a unique outcome. El Rey Alobar pleases the ears, pleases the mind, pleases the soul. Simple and beautiful. What more is there to ask. El Rey Alobar will be out on March 15th through Klik Records

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