“Roads, Vol 1 (cd)”

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Territory restrictions FR, BENELUX Second LP from French electronic talent Thylacine Regardless of whether or not the thylacine, a species of marsupial with a tiger-striped back, still lives in Tasmania or not, it is in Argentina that this young star of the French electro scene decided to record his second album. To create a follow up to Transsiberian, his brilliant first album that he recorded in 2015 aboard the train that links Moscow to Vladivostok, William Rezé, aka Thylacine, bought a 1972 trailer, one of the famous all-aluminum Airstreams. After painstakingly transforming the trailer into a recording studio, he put his beautiful American on a freighter across the Atlantic and got it back a month later in Buenos Aires. He was drawn to South America by the pull of the unknown, the absolute absence of reference. He wanted to immerse himself in desert and lunar landscapes, explore multicolored canyons, sand dunes, giant cacti forests, snow-capped peaks… and write, alone, in the intimacy of his nomadic studio. After making stops in the middle of nowhere, he returned with ten tracks that marvelously combine Moderat’s aerial melodies, the solar touch of Nicola Cruz, and the techno power of Paul Kalkbrenner. His electronica is often laden with saxophone—his instrument of choice, which he started playing at the age of 6 at a conservatory—and features vocals from Julia Minkin (of Kid Francescoli), Clara Trucco (a member of the trio Femina), and Juana Molina, “considered the Argentinian Björk,” says Thylacine. Mission accomplished: the young Angevin’s vaporous layers are tinged with charango, a local instrument, and melodies inspired by traditional Argentinian songs. “I wanted to go back to a music with a more acoustic sound.

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