“Silent Cities (2lp)”

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LabelAcid TestCat. No.ATLP09
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On their debut album as DOVS, Tin Man and AAAA summon the ethereal spirit of acid. Tracklist: A1 – Rad Glyers Above All A2 – Distant Buildups A3 – Fluffy Designs B1 – Nostalgic Oblivion B2 – Rene Figures C1 – Portal Vein C2 – Sixteenth Shelters C3 – Whining Acid D1 – Atlantis Drive D2 – Dysphoric Fix D3 – Diazepam Blues Release Info: On their debut album as DOVS, Tin Man and AAAA summon the ethereal spirit of acid. Tin Man, AKA Johannes Auvinen, has been studying the emotional potential of the Roland TB-303 for 15 years now, and AAAA (Gabo Barranco), a fixture of the Mexico City underground, might as well be his acolyte. While the coincidental similarities of their studio and live approaches make this collaboration feel natural, even expected, Silent Cities is anything but. We recognize most of the elements here—the ubiquitous acid box and hardware drum machines—yet Auvinen and Barranco arrive in new, mysterious territory this time out. Lush arpeggiation, breakbeats and atmosphere imbue tracks like “Nostalgic Oblivion” with a widescreen grandeur. “Rene Figures” recalls Specific Momentific-era Cristian Vogel, symphonic, melodic techno with a kick heavy enough for dark, cavernous rooms. Meanwhile, beatless cuts like “Whining Acid” are as intricately crafted as Tin Man’s well-loved classical work (Vienna Blues). But as a duo, they craft a virtuosic harmonic narrative almost solely with 303s. Tin Man and Donato Dozzy’s “Nonneo” was the first release on Acid Test, setting the tone for the label and unlocking new potential for the genre. DOVS’ closer on Silent Cities, “Diazepam Blues”, is the label’s new melancholic acid anthem and a statement of purpose for Tin Man and AAAA, two hardware masters who have created an album of remarkable emotional depth.

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