Freddie Gibbs


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CD Tracklist: 1 Weight 2 Automatic 3 Death Row (featuring 03 Greedo) 4 Triple Threat 5 2 Legit 6 Flfm (Interlude) 7 Set Set 8 Toe Tag 9 FBC 10 Diamonds 2 (featuring Cassie Jo Craig and Irie Jane Gibbs) Freddie Gibbs has been putting out consistent work since the beginning of the blog era of rappers. Gaining traction on all the blogs for his signature flow and lyrics. He rose above the rest when he dropped the collaborative album Piņata with Madlib. Since then he has released a few projects, but he is back with his new album, Freddie. The artwork gained notoriety online with peers, fans, and press, and the music matched the acclaim of the art - the album received a 7.8 review from Pitchfork.

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