Truncate & Chambray X Biri

“Figure Jams 006”

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12 with full cover TRACKLIST: A1 Truncate & Chambray No Stress A2 Truncate & Chambray Trax 4 The Club B1 Biri Snox101 B2 Biri Through The Fields INFO: Jamming things up once more, were pairing Chambray with long-time Figure-affiliate Truncate for a pair of exciting floor-killers, then go out with some fresh take on techno by Biri. No Stress is exactly the reminder needed when letting things fling in all directions with this unpredictable, spiralling power work-out. Trax 4 The Club pays hommagge to the its heritage, but shoots way beyond the treaden template. Tongue-in-cheek and swinging widely, this one hits far more carefully than expected, yet all the more satisfying when it does! On the flip its Biri deploying his rigid style of layering sounds which he makes seem fluid and lively, never changing things up too soon or too late. By such his drive along the meticulously shaped arps on Snox101 stays a constant thriller, while Through The Fields becomes an ambient-leaning excursion through time and space, opening up the body and mind.

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