Sky Civilian

“Open Door (1lp)”

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Tracklist A1. Alone A2. Let’s Be Easy A3. Accidental Dreamer B1. If I Had B2. Breakpoint B3. Lighter B4. Open Door Release Info: Santa Fe, New Mexico based artist Maggie Thornton a.k.a. Sky Civilian joins Atomnation and releases debut EP “Open Door” on the 14th of June, 2019. The productions from Sky Civilian evoke a lust for the future and the far-away, but she grounds this lofty mood in familiar territory, with nostalgic, detuned synth instrumentation and four-on-the-floor percussion. Her weightless, almost-whispered vocals capture a hyper-natural feeling. The overall lyrical message is one of raw sincerity, as listeners confront unmistakable themes of loss and longing. Strange yet playful vocal production techniques grant the work a subtle pop tilt.

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