Brandt Brauer Frick

“Echo (2lp, Cd Included)”

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World excluding Continental Europe and UK Special Remarks: 2LP in sleeve with 5mm spine. Embossing on the cover. CD included. CD in square gatefold replika. Tracklist: A1. Rest / A2. Chamber 1 / A3. Decades / B1. Extend / B2. Masse / B3. Echoes (Feat. Friedberg) C1. Chamber 2 / C2. Fuel / D1. Encore (Feat. Catherine Ringer) / D2. Chamber 3 / D3. Mont Blanc CD features the same tracks in the same order. Short info: Daniel Brandt - Jan Brauer - Paul Frick: BRANDT BRAUER FRICK. 3 German sound architects, who burst onto the Berlin stage in 2009, reinventing techno with acoustic instruments, on stage and on disc. Francophiles, their unique featuring on “Echo” their new album is Catherine Ringer from cult band Les Rita Mitsouko on the title ‘Encore’. Brandt Brauer Frick’s influences range from minimal masters Steve Reich and Philip Glass to Ricardo Villalobos’ techno. Their 5th album “Echo” is impeccably produced, a masterly burst of dynamism and precision, revolving around on club music, between serene minimalism and irresistible groove. “Echo” is Brandt Brauer Frick’s ‘classic sound’. The one that has contributed to the renaissance of classical music in contemporary pop.

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