Brendon Moeller

“Materialize Lp”

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LP,Album Brendon Moeller is an artist that needs no introduction. The South African born living in the US, like few of his generation constantly challenges himself with new concepts and ideas, has incorporated techno, dub, jazz, ambient, sound design, to his works throughout the years. Never chased the limelight, but instead the work, one idea after the next, one project after the other, restless. He has collaborated with labels like Echocord, Third Ear, Electric Deluxe, Prologue, Mord to name some. “Materialize” is his first work for Vibrant Music. From his early days in various bands in the 80’s and 90’s, Brendon liked indie, shoegaze, ambient, moody, cinematic scapes. With Materialize he came full circle, reaching out to his early influences, but with the knowledge and experience of many years of exploration of modular synths, to create a concept space that feels intimate, and at the same time vivid evoking visual imaging. It explores the time space through a minimalist, stoic approach. It tells the story of how we are all linked into this tree of music we call electronic music, wherever each one is coming from. A celebration of life through the mind of one of today’s scholars of electronic music. A liberation from the strictness of tempo and metronomes, to reach to a more creative state. Vibrant Music continuous the quest, to bring to you unique collaborations and sides of artists that we like. Tracklist: A1. materialize A2. ghost strand A3. there can be no true beauty without decay A4. circles guaranteed A5. summon B1. staying in B2. dusk B3. dunes B4. colorful donation

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