Deep Dark Blue

“When We Are Together (casette/tape!)”

ACR007 scanZoom inLabelAcid Camp Records
Cat. No.ACR007
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Format: Cassette TRACKLIST: Quasar Triangle Map Iridescent Brother In Town Eyelids Up Up Yellow Balloon Shortinfo: DEEP DARK BLUE presents an album filled with gentle surprises. When We Get Together takes you through lightly psychedelic melodies for the heart and mind to get lost in. Though highly polished as a production, a sense of underlying spontaneity implies a process that’s closer to an improvised jam session than a planned composition. The lush synths, complex percussion, and shimmering melodies create rich backdrops for reveries. Each song bobs and weaves through opposite contrasts, often going back and forth between melancholic to bright. Yet each song remains cohesive and leaves you wondering how you arrived at the end of each track.

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