Alex Chilton

“ It Isnít Always That Easy ”

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Format: 7″ Format Notes: First time on vinyl Track List: A1 : It Isnít Always That Easy (02:32) B1 : If You Would Marry Me Baby (1:48) Release Notes: We adore Big Star and Alex Chilton more than words can express. Being able to present two of Alexís staggeringly beautiful demos on vinyl for the first time (on a cute picture sleeve 7″, no less) is an absolute honour for us at Be With. ďIt Isnít Always That EasyĒ and ďIf You Would Marry MeĒ both sound like templates for some of Alexís best-known Big Star numbers. These demos come from the transitional recording sessions he made with Terry Manning at the Ardent studio in 1969, but were missing from the vinyl version of the wonderful Free Again compilation that was released in 2012. Caught between the end of the Box Tops and the birth of Big Star Alexís song-craft was already remarkable - as these demos prove - and this release represents a fascinating, exploratory period in the career of one of popís most enigmatic talents. ďIt Isnít Always That EasyĒ is the real knockout. A tender, acoustic ballad that, stylistically, could have appeared Big Starís ď#1 RecordĒ. Yes, it really is that good. A deeply affecting, ruminative lament that explores the ravages of Alexís short career to date, it is also one of the sweetest and most delicate melodies he ever wrote. A song this stunning shouldnít just be kept for the Big Star completists. Over on the flip, ďIf You Would Marry MeĒ finds Alex in earnestly romantic mode. Itís just him and a piano, albeit one that is played in a poppy, uplifting fashion to complement the optimistic mood: ďI could make you feel so glad inside and so aliveĒ he confidently declares. Itís quite the gem. It really should be mandatory for this to be played at every wedding. Unfortunately there seem to be no photographs of Alex from around the time he was making these recordings. But luckily we were put in touch with Pat Rainer who was photographing the Memphis music sc

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