Elektronische Sequenz Proleten

“The Heart Of A Man,the Desire Of A Monst”

LESPOINTS015 scanZoom inLabelLes Points
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Tracklist EP Vinyl : A1 The Heart Of A Man, The Desire Of A Monster A2 Pjacedelic Power B1 X20000 (Open Source) B2 The Dominance Of Blood Worship Short Info: Elektronische Sequenz Proleten is the new project of Nicola Kazimir and Walid El Barbir -both are integral members of the Les Points collective based in Zürich. The Heart Of A Man, The Desire Of A Monster EP is their debut release under this moniker and balances somewhere between genre bending Acid-Techno and EBM. E.S.P. has no particular genre specialization in mind - but wants to explore a diverse, wide and mature range of sonic compositions in the next couple of years. Also watch out for E.S.P.’s track “Accumulation City” on LUX Records (Schwarze Schweiz Compilation).

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