Les Rita Mitsouko

“L'intégrale (12 Cd + 1 Dvd+40pg Booklet”

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Rights: World excl. France Boxset packaging description: 12 CD + 1 DVD in custom hardcovered boxset with magnetic flap. 13 individual wallets reproducing either the original vinyl artwork or the CD artwork (when never released on vinyl). Includes a 40-page booklet with pictures and all the albums credits. ” 12 CD + 1 DVD boxset: the 7 studio albums + the remix album ‘Re’ + 2 live albums ‘Acoustiques’ and ‘En Concert Avec l’Orchestre Lamoureux’ + 1 mini album ‘The Eye (More Variety) + 1 brand-new album of rarities + 1 DVD with 2 rare tour movies. ” Includes a brand-new album of rarities: ‘Raretés’ ” All releases have been remastered from the original tapes by Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios ” This boxset encompasses the carrier and sonic brio of one of the most iconic French duo, nearly 40 years after Fred Chichin & Catherine Ringer formed Les Rita Mitsouko. ” This Fall, Catherine Ringer will embark on an extensive tour to sing the songs of Les Rita Mitsouko on stage. (official 2019 biography & international tour dates available at the end of this release guide) BOXSET CONTENT CD´s (All Original Artwork or the CD Artwork, when never released on vinyl) 1. “RITA MITSOUKO” (1984) 2."THE NO COMPRENDO” (1986) 3."MARC & ROBERT” (1988) 4. “RE” (1990) 5."SYSTEME D” (1993) 6."ACOUSTIQUES” (1996) 7."COOL FRENESIE” (2000) 8."LA FEMME TROMBONE” (2002) 9. “En Concert Avec l’Orchestre Lamoureux” (2004) 10."Variety” (2007)

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