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No Sales to US’UK’Benelux Tracklist A1. Desire B1. Desire (Dub) B2. Desire (Drum Tool) B3. Desire (Vox Tool) Shortinfo: Circulating as a digital dub plate for more than a year on selected USB-sticks, it’s finally available: Butch & C.Vogt’s remix-not-remix (i.e. cover version) of Andy Gibbs’ „Desire“. Cut, spliced and modernized, it’s the kind of tailor-made DJ pleasure that only comes along once in a while and needs its own record shop section: Blue-eyed R&B house. Made to please and evoking those unifying and uplifting dance-floor moments that are due to Andy Gibbs’ lyrics („we may be big or small or…“) and spot-on production work. Butch has been known to hit the bulls-eye (see „Dope“ or „Countach“ for further reference) and together with his studio partner C.Vogt, this is an especially inspired outcome. Enjoy a 45rpm cut, backed up by drum, dubs and vocal tools on the flip side. And always remember: we may be young or old or in between, but together we can learn to grow.

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