Jacek Sienkiewicz


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Tracklist 12″: A. LIGHTIN B. TRAKER Short Info: Most recently Jacek Sienkiewicz had been mainly preoccupied with with experimental music - his explorations of outer limits of sound resulted in 3 albums released already in 2019, with two more to follow by the end of the year. So, It was good and perhaps refreshing to hear his surprising return to the dancefloor with “Lightin", an unexpected Summer afterparty anthem released digitally in June. By popular demand, it’s now released on vinyl in its full, 11+ minutes glory. Lightweight, gentle and tuneful, propelled by a syncopated rhythm, it rolls like a steam engine taking you to your favourite holiday destination. Side B brings us another new track - “Tracker” is definitely built for clubs and designed for peak time moments, be it in a cramped, dark basement or a big room at a festival. This EP is Jacek’s first new club-oriented record on his Recognition label since 2016’s “Hideland” - and a teaser for an all-new album, due next year.

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