Radio Slave X Deetron

“Figure Jams 007”

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12” with full cover TRACKLIST: A1 Radio Slave - Shelter A2 Radio Slave – Shelter You B1 Deetron – The Body B2 Deetron - Cercle INFO: The newest joint effort on FIGURE JAMS unites two stalwarts in their own right, both of which have honed their specific sound over decades. Having the A-Side to himself, Radio Slave goes for the murky and twisted end of the spectrum, forging some seriously hypnotic grooves. What skeletal claps and soaring synths make an exhilarating uphill rush, its psychedelic sibling‘s patterns soon lead into a eyes-down experience, predestined to lose oneself completely to. Deetron instead builds on a dry drum framework, then cleverly fills in the space with robotic rhythms and lively synthwork for what‘s simply a fun tune to follow. He finishes things off more seriously though, sliding in these heavily submerged chords and going for a vibrantly soaring beatdown track.

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