“Pleasant Clutter (1lp)”

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LabelData SnacksCat. No.DSV005
FormatEXCLS-LPOrders fromFri, 01 Nov 2019
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TRACKLIST: A1. Pain Lol 00:02:59 ATDQ91960019 A2. Like TLC 00:04:18 ATDQ91960020 A3. Lemons 00:05:25 ATDQ91960021 A4. Wireless Possession 00:04:45 ATDQ91960026 B1. Leave Behind 00:03:55 ATDQ91960023 B2. Slavish 00:03:45 ATDQ91960027 B3. Defurbished 00:04:53 ATDQ91960028 B4. Questioning Myself 00:04:19 ATDQ91960030 INFO: It’s the unexpected that fascinates us, letting our curiosity grow stronger than the urge for safety and control. The magic of new encounters and unplanned turnarounds helps us switch off the autopilot of everyday life and grants us an unbiased, curious glimpse at ourselves and the world around us. In these brief moments we accept the chaos surrounding us, allow ourselves to embrace it and see the beauty of it. This delightful chaos is the vibrant fabric woven into “Pleasant Clutter”, the debut album of Vienna-based DJ and producer B.Visible. With an endless love for detail, he masterfully condenses familiar and strange sounds into a fascinating collection of moments, each one in itself as beautiful as volatile – again and again you find yourself wanting to hold on to something you’ve only just grown fond of, yearning to stay just a little longer. Leaving space for the unexpected, the album bit by bit reveals the beauty that lies in the harmony of the whole. Using playful little melodies and decontextualized fragments of sounds, B.Visible conjures up a wide range of moods and emotions: he tells mesmerizing instrumental stories full of unexpected twists and turns, evoking lively images within the mind. In constant flux between weightlessness and dead-aim beats, structures are being broken up and put back together on the fly – always changing, always evolving. Change as a constant and the symbiosis of contrasting elements are omnipresent on “Pleasant Clutter”, and beyond that. Running through the entire work of B.Visible, these stylistic devices have shaped the musician’s creative output over the years, and this distinctiv

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