Rocko Schamoni

“Ich Und Mein Pudel / Die Remixe” | “Digitalism,faltydl,brandbrauerfrick,puls”

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Tracklist 12″: A1 Rocko Schamoni - Ich und mein Pudel / Digitalism Remix A2 Rocko Schamoni - Ich und mein Pudel / FaltyDL Remix B1 Rocko Schamoni - Ich und mein Pudel / Brand Brauer Frick Remix B2 Rocko Schamoni - Ich und mein Pudel / Pulsinger & Irl Remix Release Info: Pudel Produkte UG Ltd. information The Pudel Produkte UG announces, that they will now go along with it. They finally found time for future - just like the others. But the others - They don’t have him anyway: The Pudel. They have safes, hill forests, studios with numbers, power stations or factories, water gates, green valleys or rich beautiful ageless brits with mirrors and thousands of other cheap opportunities. Well. Whatdoweknow. We can only talk about the Pudel. This bare and pure creature. That poodle without an egg. “Ich und mein Pudel” (Me and my poodle) is the name of the new anthem of our house written by the noble mould punk Rocko Schamoni. The original version on his album “Musik für Jugendliche” (music for teenagers) swings by in some quite bavarian hump-pattatata leather shorts. Alongside with that, a brass commando shows up in such a beyond comfy speed - it needs to lie down to wake up. All that is different, yet, of course, sick. But we all know: No Pudel may remain alone! Therefore PUDEL PRODUKTE 30 is out now! A fat 12″ with remixes of: DIGITALISM/ FALTY D/ BRAND BREWER FRICK/ PULSINGER & IRL. Cover by Alex Solman Plus: many more remixes online. Its the Pudels online-coming out prom night - if you like. A win for the future - probably for sure. PUDEL PRODUCTS Always far away from the pack against the pack! “Und in der Nacht unter den Sternen, sitz ich am Fluß, ich bin allein. Man kann mich nicht von hier entfernen, hier will ich sein.” R.S. (And at night under the stars, by the river, I am alone. You cant remove me, never will, cause i want to be here.

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