“The All American Powerhouse (themes)”

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180g vinyl, remastered from the original analogue tapes Territories: Worldwide no restrictions Track List: A1 : Sweeny Todd (2:06) A2 : The Heister (1:57) A3 : Getaway (2:38) A4 : Speed Run (2:27) A5 : Pressure Point (2:57) A6 : Grand Central Station (3:04) A7 : The Pick-Up (2:11) B1 : Soul Train (4:29) B2 : Smokey Joe (2:57) B3 : Grit Band Reggae (3:49) B4 : West Coast Horn (4:10) B5 : Overide (3:31) Release Notes: They Say: “Driving brass and sax ensemble over funky rhythm section, playing tracks of various feel and style”. We say: From the Lincoln Continental that memorably adorns the cover to the tranquil funk contained within, this glowing ode to the grooving force of 70s American soul music is ice cool all over. With brilliant contributions from the Three Key Alans™ (Hawkshaw, Parker, Tew) as well as Mike Moran, Les Hurdle and Keith Roberts, this is driving music for only the vibiest cats. Originally released in 1976, The All American Powerhouse is one of the very best of the Themes library releases. It’s killer. A feast of dramatic jazz, horizontal, melodic funk and bouncing sunshine-y West-Coast feels throughout, there also lurks an intense injection of the Blaxploitation sound. Understandable, given the subject matter and year it was released. Highlights include Alan Parker’s confident, horn-heavy wah-wah-fuelled album-opener “Sweeny Todd”, Hawkshaw’s graceful “Getaway” glide and dramatic, breathless “Speed Run”, Mike Moran’s loose, organ-driven propulsive B-Boy classic “The Pick-Up” and Keith Roberts’ percussive tour de force “Overide” that closes out the LP. Yet, perhaps the most significant track here is Les Hurdle’s long-adored “Soul Train”. A grooving, bass-heavy library classic, it’s all swirling strings, stabbing horns, heavy open drums and melodic funk-rock guitars. Add in the funky clavinet, and the combination works beautifully. As with all of our other Themes re-issues, the audio for The All

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