Rossum Universal Tracks

“Ebaumís Dreamland (180g /julius Steinhof”

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180G Vinyl, limited Tracklist A1. Ebaums Dreamland A2: Bubblebag Mail B1. Antwort aus der Stille B2. Ebaums Dreamland (Julius Steinhoff Remix) Shortinfo: During the uprising in 2000, aided by the League of Humanity, two of Dr: Gallís advanced prototypes escape the Rossum Universal Robot factory and flee Earth on a decommissioned spacecraft. Travelling aimlessly through space, they begin to wonder what their new home would look like. They tell each other stories of planets with no humans to enslave them, no factories to go to ó planets where fresh blue water runs through pink, sun kissed mountaintops. Perhaps itís fortunate then that these Robots can feel no time, have no sense of past and future? And by the time their ship touches down on Ebaumís Dreamland, who knows how many years have passed on EarthÖ ďEbaumís DreamlandĒ is the first Rossum Universal Tracks release. It features a remix by Julius Steinhoff, who first discovered the scrambled transmissions in his deep space observatory in the woods.

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