“The Orion Years (25th Anniversary) Dlx R”

HYB.003 scanZoom inLabelHybride Sentimento
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2x12″LP, 25th Anniversary reissue of 1994’s Thomas P. Heckmann alias AGE masterpiece"The Orion Years” including 2 bonus tracks. - Deluxe Edition with new artwork + bonus tracks - Reissue of rare and lost 1994’s Thomas P. Heckmann project…. Tracklist 12″: A1 - Lichtspruch A2 - Transmitter Love B1 - Lagrange Point L5 B2 - Parallelwelt C1 - Tamara Jagellovsk C2 - Lancet D1 - Eine fremde Lebensform D2 - Leviathan D3 - Zeitsprung TEXT - AGE’s “The Orion Years” finally reissued to celebrate his 25th Anniversary/ Hybride Sentimento invites Thomas P. Heckmann with one of his most prolific project; An ode to 60’s German sci-fi TV Serie: “Raumpatrouille Orion". Deluxe Edition with new artwork + bonus tracks.

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