“Xdream (1lp)”

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WORLD EXCLUDING USA Tracklist 1.Toon World 2.Pandora ft. Yiki 3. Caught (Code Switching) 4. xDream 5. Skitty ft. Yiki 6. Retribution Bee 7. Mickey 8. Haunted Labyrinth House Dream 9. Windmill 10. Scribble Chalk Drawing ft. Yikii 11. Swirl (addl. Prod. Malibu) 12. Parabiotic Dream 13. Let’s Share Your Memory Together ft. Baby Blue 14. Puppet Ballerina Edit ft. Embaci Release Info: xDream is the re-awakening of the child spirit. The child spirit lives everywhere: in our memories, the corners of our emotions, moments of mischief and euphoria, and whispers in the trees. In our youth, it grew from a seedling into the shape of the internal conscience, that little voice in your head that tells you right from wrong. The debut album by Dasychira features contributions by fellow artists Malibu, Embaci, and Baby Blue, as well as live violin by Iglooghost collaborator Vivek Menon and voice acting by mirukii and daisyvoice. Dasychira completed an Asia tour this year performing A/V sets with Yikii in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong, and Shenzhen before going to Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo. xDream was released digitally on Halloween 2019 via Blueberry Records x UNSEELIE with music videos by Awe Ix, Dante Capone, Slama & Delong, and others.

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