“Hyperidiocracy (album, Cassette,+dl & St” | “+download & Sticker”

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Album - Cassette + download & sticker Tracklisting: A1 - Skydivers A2 - Windwall A3 - Choose Weapons A4 - Daily Dose of Sub-Humanity A5 - Slow Icons B1 - Nove Code B2 - False Start B3 - Human Insecurity System B4 - Tullamore’s Misanthropy B5 - Wrong Structure B6 - Isolation Disorder B7 - Data Breach Release Info: A frustration with trends, hype and the system itself that permeates our current society has influenced LDWG to create ‘Hyperidiocracy’, an in-depth, aural analysis on the modern world in the form of a frenzied, fractured recollection of club influences from the past 20 years. An angry dozen of tracks that shift genres and form, LDWG switches from mangled 808s to jungle-era drops to what sounds like porn heard through a walkie talkie faster than you can like a selfie on Instagram.

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