Potential Badboy

“Retro Vol 4 Ep”

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This 3 track EP comes out of the Limited E’s vault called Retro Vol 2 produced by Potential Badboy. Each of these tracks represents when we started to push the boundaries of Jungle and being more experimental back in 1992. E. 4 Da Ladies - This track produced by Potential Badboy in 1992 was the crossover from hardcore elements into the early breakthrough of Jungle. With an iconic reggae sample laid down with live and R&B vocals n poppin bassline, a real choon for the ladies to get down to. EE. Guiding Star - This track produced in 1992 by Potential Badboy who was evolving and creating his own style with using a strong soulful vocals mixed with the classic reggae n r&b samples n heavy basslines was game changing. EEE. Hardcore Youth - This track produced in 1992 by Potential Badboy keeping with the strong hardcore ravy theme with strong reggae samples n vocals with a Jungle Techno ravvy feel to it. Written Potential Badboy Produced by Potential Badboy TRACK LISTING E. 4 Da Ladies EE. Guiding Star EEE. Hardcore Youth

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