“Herdersmat Part 23-29”

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LabelMordCat. No.MORDBOX003
Format7LPOrders fromThu, 16 Jan 2020
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Tracklisting A1 The Advent ? Radar 06 A2 Sedvs ? Come Clean B1 Bas Mooy & Jeroen Liebregts ? Ash B2 Under Black Helmet ? Message C1 SHXCXCHCXSH ? GBG C2 Go Hiyama ? Self-Identity C3 Razbibriga ? Kvantas D1 Christian Wunsch ? Extinction D2 Jokasti & Nek ? No Time To Explain E1 Hiroaki Iizuka ? Emphasis E2 CRVEL ? Affliction F1 Alexander Kowalski ? Inoculum F2 The Outsiders ? Wireless Love F3 Nene H ? Woman Who Tamed A Lion G1 Jonas Kopp ? Monolith G2 Nadia Struiwigh ? ESX G3 Szymon Z ? suR-chinG H1 Lewis Fautzi ? Messing H2 Felicie ? Always Online For You I1 Kangding Ray ? Driftwood I2 Jaraossa ? Clock Divider J1 Abstract Division ? Observance J2 Ivan Szew ? Hall Of Switchblades K1 Stanislav Tolkachev ? Ten Letters Horizontally K2 Olivia Mendez ? Frenetic L1 Cadans ? Hose L2 Roll Dann ? Four Patterns L3 Gotshell ? Lunar M1 UVB ? When I Look In Those Dead Eyes M2 Uun ? Call Of The Void M3 VSK ? I Fantasmi A Volte Sanguinano N1 MasCon ? Penetrant N2 Kmyle ? Distressed Planet

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