“Perfect Motion (patrice Bäumel Renaissan”

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Renaissance return to their critically acclaimed ReMix Series on 27 December as Patrice Bäumel takes on Sunscreem’s legendary ‘Perfect Motion’.Now Patrice Bäumel seizes the enviable, though daunting challenge, of updating the track for 2019 (just). Not that he need have worried, if ever there was a hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck dance anthem you need in your Christmas tune stocking, this is it. The mix captures all the emotive drama of the original, whilst subtly contemporising it with a stripped back, cleaner sound. “I actually requested Perfect Motion,” says Patrice, “the remix projects I am most interested in are the ones that allow me to cross genres and where at the same time I love the original material. Sunscreem’s Perfect Motion ticks both these boxes. I have been in love with the blissful vocals and pad section of this classic forever. The original has this lovely 90’s UK indie rave feel, similar to EMF’s Unbelievable. To me, those were formative years, I remember watching MTV all day, hoping for anything resembling electronic music to interrupt the endless stream of grunge and rock ballads. My reinterpretation aims to transport the original into modern times and make it suitable for today’s dancefloors. At the same time, I wanted to keep an element of nostalgia in there for those who have been around long enough to have fallen in love with Perfect Motion back in the day. The result is a record that I think has the potential to appeal to house and techno DJs alike.”

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