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Repress! Ivan Smagghe & Rupert Cross collaborate again.. and it’s another beauty! “This second LP on Offen is an ajar window overlooking the phantasmagoric world of Smagghe & Cross, a remembrance of days that never were. The music is sparse, the past is forever : ghosts of industries are conjured through the English countryside, fading memories play static with an idea of romance, the sun breaks through the iron clouds. A record free of uncouth nostalgia but laced with ethereal melancholia. ” 119237;"Limited edition 300 copy white label only release. Crushing remix pack for Ron Morelli’s “Laugh Taker” track which came out on his 2018 Hospital Productions LP “Disappearer” Mick Harris (Scorn, Fret, Downwards), Parrish Smith, and Overlook all contributing heavy versions of the track. TIP!!!!

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