Oceanvs Orientalis

“Ex Nihilo (2lp)”

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A MELODIOUS JOURNEY THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSAL HISTORY Founded by Safak Ozkutle, Oceanvs Orientalis is a one-man formation which aims to challenge the aesthetic perception in electronic music. It blends itself with the archaic tunes of mankind’s cumulative musical history and in this very context believes that “everything comes from the east”. He uses electronic music to carry the old vibes he grew up with to the dance floor, transforming irregular local rhythms into 4/4 electronic beats. Since 2011 he has been making both DJ sets and live performances, and since 2015 he focused to perform mostly as live shows Ex Nihilo (Latin “out of nothing”) It’s and immersive experience where digital art and music collides. A melodic Story told by Safak Ozkutle aka Oceanvs Orientalis through his first thematic album which tells 10 different stories of 10 breaking points of the Universal history, from the Planetary scale to the Human dimensions. Beginning right from the first point of creation, the big bang in title track ‘Ex Nihilo’, Oceanvs travels through the timeline that in turn saw the evolution of our planet and universe as it is today, whilst touching briefly on where we may end in the future. SONG OF THE CREATIONPERFORMANCE The Ex Nihilo Show is planned to be performed by a 17-piece small orchestra. This orchestra will be consisted of strings, brass, a small choir and percussions, and will be led by a conductor. Tracklist LP: I. EX NIHILO II. BIRTH OF THE SUN III. THE EARTH SONG IV. PLANKTON PLANET V. AGE OF ANIMA VI. EXTINCTION VII. AQUATIC APE VIII. CIVILIZATION IX. LIFE ABOVE THE SKY X. THE GREEN ERA

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