The Imbeciles

“Decider Remixes (deetron/b. Frey/fort Ro”

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Mesmerising, ghostly, seductive, urgent, poignant, “Decider” is about the ultimate endgame: death. This track draws you into its web and holds you there. Now it has been remixed. By these people: Deetron - This Swiss maestro has one of the most characterful sounds in modern day techno. Taking a big inspiration from the big expansive, moody sounds of Detroit, Sam Geiser also borrows percussive influence from Chicago House whilst instilling his very own atmospheric personality, making for one hell of a ride. Benedikt Frey - For our money, one of the most exciting exponents of leftfield house and disco there is. His music is always pushing boundaries, with a unique experimental spirit that has indie and punk deep in its heart. Fort Romeau- Everything from widescreen, deep house, and warm, bubbly acid right through to raw, driving Italo and ethereal disco house; the Cin Cin boss is one of the most exciting and elegant exponents of today’s underground electronic scene.

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