Baronhawk Poitier

“Temperado Tornado”

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In Hollywood, they’d call an artist like Baronhawk Poitier ‘a triple threat.’ Because, alongside his bulletproof skills as a DJ, and his singular voice with percussion and beat making, he is also a bonafide battle-ready freestyle dancer. The gay American techno scene is no stranger to this, as we’ve been booking him, passing around his edits, and g’fawing after his flying feet for years. In Washington D.C. where he throws the TNX queer warehouse parties and helps organize the Urban Artistry dance battles, he is a household name. And it isn’t just the party queens having it for Baronhawk, in 2015 even the National Endowment for the Arts awarded him a grant to understudy with Baltimore club legend Karizma. It seems almost criminal to us that this will be the first time many of you will be hearing Baronhawk’s productions. With that in mind, and in anticipation of your first date, Poitier has come to ring your doorbell with a bucket of the smelliest roses. A 4-track EP that delivers all the musical facets of this young sensei, including some hook-laden southern-fried-disco, a Bristolian-favela dub, a jettison lever synth tech-thumper, and even a little vocal hello on the low tempo pad-meets-acid funk of ‘Lowside Heights’. It’s a rollercoaster of range, all tied up in a bow that what will soon be known as Poitiers signature take on drum programming. A1. Temperado Tornado, A2. Phakie Phatty, B1. Lowside Heights, B2. Gasp & Grasp

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