Slim Steve

“I Do It (inc. Baltra Remix)”

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LabelLet's Play HouseCat. No.LPH074
Format12Orders fromWed, 26 Feb 2020
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“I Do It,” the A1, is a 90s R&B jam—imagine Aaliyah—recontextualized into an acid-flecked big-room chugger. “Do It,” which follows, starts on the same foot, but strips the vox and charges straight into business, upping the BPM a smidge along the way. Then, “B3,” a nimble, electric ditty that fits its percussion squarely at the front and center of the mix, making it into a subversively deadly drum track. Rounding out the record is Baltra’s version of “B3,” which takes the essence of the original and wraps it tight in atmospheric wigginess. It’s a head-spinner and gives the EP a slightly psychedelic conclusion. A1. I Do It, A2. Do It (If U Love Me), B1. B3, B2. B3 (Baltra Remix)

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