Jean-jacques Birgé

“Perspectives For The 22nd Century (cd)”

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- Contemporary work composed by Jean-Jacques Birgé, French independent artist, music composer, film director, multimedia author, writer and sound designer. - Work incorporating 31 archive pieces recorded between 1930 and 1952 in Europe, Asia and Africa, from the MEG’s International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM). - Work incorporating the sound of musical instruments (small cymbals and bowl-bells) from the MEG collections, played especially for this project. - A sound fiction recounting a succession of episodes weathered by the survivors of a forthcoming disaster in 2152, who miraculously discover the sound archives kept at the MEG. - Suite of musical pieces evoking the radiophonic art and inspired by the tradition of symphonic poems. - The fifth CD to appear in the series “Contemporary Creations” published by the MEG (MEG-CDG by Sinner CD, Sound Chamber by Julien Perez, The Poetics of Time-Space by Jeremy Young, The Fairy Tale Factory by Gabriel Scotti). Tracklisting 01 Éternelle 02 L’Indésir 03 MEG 2152 04 Renaissance 05 Les Jambes 06 Hibakusha 07 Aksak tripalium 08 Tirage au sort 09 Larmes de crocodile 10 Variationstrieb 11 Gwerz de l’âme juste 12 Au loup 13 Les champs les plus beaux 14 De vallées en vallées 15 Berceuse ionique 16 Ensemble ratatam Total duration : 58′25 Info Commissioned by the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva (MEG), Jean-Jacques Birgé composed a work based on the MEG’s International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM). Perspectives for the 22nd Century includes 31 pieces recorded between 1930 and 1952 and compiled by Constantin Br?iloiu (1893-1958), founder of the IAFM and an authoritative reference in the field of traditional music. Perspectives for the 22nd Century is written on the basis of an anticipation scenario where the survivors of the disaster of 2152 live on the ruins of the MEG and decide to rebuild themselves from the archives discovered on site. The composition mixes acoustic instruments, some of

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