“Information Travels Through E.p.”

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LabelAOMCat. No.AOM001
FormatEXCLS-12Orders fromFri, 26 Jun 2020
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Must have new Label from Detroit. You may know Meftah from remixing Amp Fiddler on Mahogani Music alongside Jahn Cloud, but this is him self on hoiw own new label. “Music That Excites Me” gives word on what is happening here. Addictive, seductive trips through deepest jazz-inflected house, dusty keys, live bass and loose, expressive percussion intertwine in a mellow, bluesy haze itīs all there reminding among many other on Theo Parrish & Kdj but with a very own , very unique notaton. Needless to say we have only a very limited initial ampount at hand. TRACK ORDER: SIDE1 1. MUSIC THAT EXCITES ME 2. 6 MINUTES 3. ALIVE IN THE FUTURE SIDE2 4. MORAL OF MY STORY 5. PATIENT FOR NOW

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