Bad Stream

“Sonic Healing (lp, Green Vinyl)”

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LP green transparent vinyl + special glossy print Tracklist LP: A1 I 10:00 A2 II 03:55 A3 III 10:31 B1 IV 07:04 B2 V 07:15 Short info: “Sonic Healing” is the third full-length release by Martin Steer’s Bad Stream project. While the concept was started by one person in response to a singular situation, it fully came to life as a product of collective imagination. For the album, Steer sent a single guitar loop to twelve musicians from the extended network of his ANTIME label who improvised with the recording, which was later collaged by Steer into a single, 39 minute long track that stylistically ranges from feverish jazz to brooding ambient and abstract electronica. Together with the Iranian artist Arash Akbari’s vivid animations based on generative algorithms and real-time processing, “Sonic Healing” does not ask how one person can deal with turmoil in their life alone, but how we can create new forms of being together with art as a mediator.

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