Gregor Tresher


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LabelCocoonCat. No.COR12168
FormatEXCLS-12Orders fromFri, 18 Sep 2020
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Tracklist: (A1) Gregor Tresher – Trident (DE-Q20-20-00039) (B1) Gregor Tresher – Pariah (DE-Q20-20-00040) (B2) Gregor Tresher – Witchcraft (DE-Q20-20-00041) Release Info: Dreaming of summer sun, dancefloor euphoria, Gregor Tresher‘s new “Trident“ release on Cocoon Recordings gives us a time, taking us on an epic voyage into the light. There are three contrasting cuts on offer here, each carrying his distinctive sound signature but each designed to accompany a different part of the journey. “Trident“ opens the set with a real sense of urgency, employing the kind of intro that draws party people to the dancefloor, like bees to honey. Smooth, seductive and hypnotic, it pulls at the heart strings as the tech house groove shifts effortlessly through the gears. The scattered melody at its heart rains down on us, drenching us in love and happiness - the perfect antidote for the travails of 2020. “Pariah“ takes it deeper and faster as rave signals sound the arrival of a techno behemoth. The arrangement gradually expands into an intricate sonic tapestry through a perceptive use of fades and drops that expertly control the dance floor, while inducing a state of trance through its dervish-like intensity. Once again, additional layers of percussion appear at exactly the right moment to elevate proceedings to the next level. Finally, Gregor works his magic on “Witchcraft“. Fluctuating between snaking rhythms and blissed-out breakdowns that repeatedly wash over us. The retro, arp-driven synth melodies entwine with the bassline to simulate a sense of weightlessness as the sounds expand and contract to great effect. Like “Trident“, “Witchcraft“ is a track where you can lose yourself and then suddenly find yourself again, in a crowd of like-minded, smiling faces. Hearing any cut from this EP on a thumping system will definitely be worth the wait.

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